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What is Rye? What are the benefits of Rye flour extract to our skin?

It is a member of the wheat tribe and is closely related to barley and wheat.

Rye is an excellent source of essential vitamins. It is refined into a flour for bread and used to make alcoholic beverages.

In addition, it has been linked to several potential health benefits, including help control blood sugar, improve digestive health, and help you achieve healthy weight loss as its fiber makes you feel full longer. It is also packed with magnesium, calcium and manganese which are essential for bone development.

When it comes to beauty tips, mix rye flour with water. This can both apply to your hair and skin. Leave it for 15 minutes. While Rye nourishes hair and scalp, it is also shown to boost skin radiance and firmness as well.

Besides being naturally soothing to skin, it reduces acne problems.

As mentioned above, Rye has numerous health benefits both to our skin and body. Chowa, Extra Velvet Smooth Jellyfish & Omega UV Protection, has included Rye as one of the main ingredients.

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