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What does PA and “+” mean? How much do you need?

Talking about sunscreen, It is necessary to have knowledge before deciding which sunscreen you should buy. What to look for on the label to make sure that you choose the right sunscreen that can protect your skin efficiently.

Have you ever noticed that sunscreen label comes with PA and + + +

and wonder what those mean? Here, we have some explanation for you. Check it out!

  • PA+ = Some UVA protection

  • PA++ = Moderate UVA protection

  • PA+++ = High UVA protection

  • PA++++ = Extremely High UVA protection

When or which to use?

  • PA+ for working indoor

  • PA++ for working out door

  • PA+++ for going to the beach

  • PA++++ for taking sunbath or stay outdoor more than 3 hours

Wherever you’re heading, applying sunscreen should be a part of your regular day. Either you need lightweight sunscreen with high protection to help last your makeup or sport sunscreen that efficiently protects your skin when outdoor. TRY CHOWA your number one choice for both daily and sport sunscreen!

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