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One thing that you should never missed is to apply on sun cream before facing the sun or putting on makeup. You know how important is it galll 😘 .
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The cream is jelly-like, easy to use, SPF50+, and doesn't feel greasy after applying. Apply some and take away. After applying make-up over it, ready to go out in the sun like chilling. This one helps tighten pores too.
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I recommend this sunscreen for those who like to go to the beach and for anyone who has ever had a sunburn. It's not just about the sun, it's also about your skin. The sunscreen's cream is really smooth and it's made from natural ingredients that are safe and effective and doesn't leave any residue on your skin. 
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My makeup is still good no matter how strong the sun is, thanks to @chowabeauty Sunscreen SPF50+++, smooth texture for sensitive skin.  Can be used throughout the day without leaving a stain 🌞🌻
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Love this product! After spending the day wandering in the Bangkok sun, my make-up is still looking great from morning until evening. Chowa's sunscreen is light, non-staining, and does not make your face greasy. It does not make your skin dry because it has nutrients to add moisture as well, suitable for all skin types.