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balance & harmony

The Japanese word Chowa can be translated as “harmony & balance”. Chowa is both a philosophy and practice.  Chowa is about searching ways of finding balance.  It requires us to see our own needs and desires objectively and set them alongside the needs and desires of others to bring about harmony.  We named our brand chowa because our concept is the commitment to actively search for solutions to achieve harmony & balance.   

It starts with a dream.


The pursuit of harmony is one of the most important factors in creating the best natural beauty products. The coexistence of various ingredients affects the effectiveness of the product and its compatibility with your skin. Chowa products are designed to work together in synergy to maximize each ingredients effectiveness in order to deliver the best possible results.


To strengthen the harmony of the ingredients used in making Chowa, the correct proportions of the ingredients are measured to optimize the efficacy of each of the individual organic beauty products. This will help achieve the best pH balance, which is an essential part of healthy skin.

“harmony & balance”

Chowa is both a philosophy and practice.  Chowa is about searching ways of finding balance.


Chowa’s appreciation for natural beauty has inspired us to create effective natural beauty products to support you every day at every age. Our philosophy is not to make organic beauty products to compete with other brands, but to create a strong brand and Thai beauty products that truly place importance on results before commercial interests. Chowa’s concept is to select and use ingredients that are the most natural and unique to achieve utmost harmony and balance.



100% Organic

Paraben Free

No Harsh Chemicals

Extra Velvet Smooth Jellyfish & Omega UV Protection

From soybean and milk extract, tomato essence to rye flour, Chowa is an SPF 50 natural sunscreen that boasts all natural ingredients working together in a smooth, velvet texture that is formulated to protect and hydrate while regenerating your skin.

Smooth and Glow Facial Scrub

Long known for their Thai beauty products, Chowa brings to you centuries-old beauty secrets from the Far East. These are natural superfoods for skin, featuring over 50 micronutrients, proteins, amino acids and organic acids.


Our Japanese Fermented Sake Extract formula is infused with Korean Jeju SeaWater that is rich with exceptional mineral complexes, working together with Thai Jasmine Rice Extract to rejuvenate and restore your natural glow.

Chowa Jasmine Rice Essentials

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